Photography is a philosophy.

World is a chaos, we all know that. Everything is a big mess of details, decisions, thoughts, feelings... So on and so forth. Sometimes it makes us lose the smaller picture, it makes us lose the appreciation for the true colors of the world around us.

Photography is a skill of encapsulating a moment in the world, capturing feelings and emotions, happiness and sadness, calm and distress. However what people fail to realise is that, photography isn't just a skill, it is a philosophy and a lifestyle and here are some reasons why everyone should learn photography.

Seeing the smaller picture

Doing photography develops your sense for composition and composition often consists out of the smallest things around you, it allows you to see the most intricate of connections in life and it allows you to feel the world around you. And this is where the philosophical part of it comes in, it allows you to interpret the world much more intricately than you ever could by just living. When you see the smallest of connections you will realize just how delicate the world's chaos is. It allows you to change your life.

Being able to capture a moment

Photography also allows you to capture moments, which is a given but, not many people realize just how precious the smallest of moments and the smallest of details of the world are. Photography in my opinion is a skill that any human should harbor just because of how amazing it is to capture and share the world the way your own eyes see it.

Sending a message

Trough photography you can also send a message, add a meaning to something, encapsulate a thought. It is incredible and I encourage you to try and notice the meanings of the small things around you. Once you see the world trough a camera lens, the world becomes your own picture.

Wrapping up

This might not be a finished or properly structured thought, but it is a thought to think about nonetheless. I encourage all of my readers to learn photography and to see just how beautiful the world is at a smaller and more intricate scale.